On site

Welding and line boring (robotic welding available for bores , shaft welding and face welding, line boring capabilities from 22mm diameter – over 1m diameter , facing from 22m – 800mm).

Portable CNC plasma / Oxy cutting services

-Gantry & bed style available

-Insitu shaft repair

-Flange facing

-Pipe end prep

-Valve repairs

-Stud removal & thread repair


Workshop Based General Engineering

General machining (machines include – centre lathes/ horizontal borer/ milling and drilling machines/ shaper and slotter).

Welding and fabrication (all types).

CNC plasma/ oxy cutting.

Autocad 2010 drawing services.

Welding rotator for large diameter welding/ robotic bore and journal welding.

Fabrication & Welding Repairs

Fabrication and welding repairs (welders are qualified to Australian standard – as 2980/ as 1554 pt5 – structural steel welding/ welding of steel structures subject to high levels of fatigue loading).

In situ machining (including – line boring/ portable lathes/ flange facing/ drilling/ in situ keyway cutting/ in situ milling) note: Martin Engineering has access to many different types of machines for all types of on-site machining.