Latest News

Martin Engineering will be 30 years old on the 21st of December 2011 . All of us at Martin Engineering and in particular the partners (Steve and Chris Martin) would like to take this opportunity and thank all of our past and present clients for your loyal support over the years . It has been a pleasure being of service and working with some incredible people, we look forward to continuing growing our business into the future and assisting you with even better services as time goes on . THANK YOU !


Just in time for our birthday we are expecting the arrival of our new baby . A brand new 5T 4WD Isuzu truck that will be set up as another fully equipped mobile line boring unit . This vehicle will be fully mine site complient and self sufficient . We have invested heavily on equipment for this vehicle and are expecting that it will set the standard for on site machining and line boring. This vehicle will also have full welding and fabrication capabilities making it a very universal unit ready to complete any on site repairs you may need.

New On Site Line Boring Truck

The brand-new Martin Engineering ON SITE LINE BORING truck is now in service . Our new truck has the capability of running two men out of it at the one time for line boring, on site machining and welding purposes. For the benefit of our clients we have also installed a small lathe and a mill /drill to assist with those jobs that need a little more than just welding or boring . Check out the video on the home page or drop us line to see how we can assist you with the latest addition to our growing fleet of on site service vehicles.


10/08/2011 -At Martin Engineering we have invested heavily to improve our on site capabilities . In addition to the new line boring truck we have just finished fitting a brand new welding truck . This vehicle is fitted with a brand new Lincoln Vantage 580 welder genertaor and LN25 wire feeder , diesel powered compressor and all required welding consumables required for any site repairs be it mobile fleet or fixed plant . This vehicle also has on site Line Boring equipment on board to handle most required jobs.


10/08/2011 – Martin Engineering has just placed an order for another on site Line Boring truck . This vehicle will be fitted out in full mine site spec. including ROPS , 4WD and long range fuel tanks enabling excellent site access . As per all our vehicles this truck will have a compliment of welding consumables and will be set up with two fully operational Line Boring units to allow fast efficient turn around time whilst on your job .We are expecting that this vehicle will set a new standard in on site Line Boring .We are expecting delivery of this truck in late November and expect it to be in operation by late December 2011.  Keep an eye out for the photo’s once it is completed .


10/08/2011 – Martin Engineering has recently invested in a large capacity lathe . This machine will swing 800mm over the bed and 3metres between centres . Already this has allowed much more efficient turn around time on several large capacity jobs .


10/08/2011 – Martin Engineering has recently replaced some machinery . In keeping with a five year plan on smaller centre lathes we recently updated to a brand new model . This allows our machines to remain accurate and stay reliable which in turn allows a more efficient turn around time on your job saving you money .


10/08/2011 – Martin Engineering has employed three more apprentices in 2011 . Two of these apprentices (1 x heavey fabrication and 1 x fitter machinist ) started their new careers in January of 2011 straight out of school . The third apprentice (an adult apprentice) started in June of 2011 increasing our workforce to 15 . This number looks set to grow with several exciting opportunities in the pipe line for Martin Engineering and its affiliates.


10/08/2011 – Martin Engineering has invested recently in a second facing and boring attachment to compliment the work we already perform . The aquasition of this tooling allows faster and more controlled metal removal during the facing process along with an improved surface finish .


10/08/2011 – Earlier this year Martin Engineering completed the first two jobs using our in house built 100mm diameter boring bar  with huge success . This machine proved to be all that we thought it would be taking cuts og up to 10mm on radius without any effort . This is the machine you need for your big bore repairs !


10/08/2011 – To compliment our Line Boring machines we have invested in another five robotic welding machines . These machines have the capabilities for welding bores , shafts and faces . Martin Engineering can now run seven of these machines at any given time with two of the machines set up for larger bore welding . We have a total of 4 face welding attachments for these machines.